Rest in Peace Titi Branch – Co-founder of Miss Jessie’s Natural Hair Care


When you hear the name Miss Jessie’s or the Soho Salon, you should immediately think of Titi and Miko Branch. I found out about Titi’s passing early this morning and I was shocked. I send my prayers and love to her sister Miko, her family and everyone who loved her. No one will ever know why she decided to take her own life. Mental illnesses and depression are real and sometimes there’s nothing we can do, but seek counseling and help whether it be spiritual and/or medical attention. Depression and the feeling of saddens heightens during the colder months of the season. There have been many suicides this year in the Black community. I believe the community as a whole has to change the way we view going to counseling and seeking help for our minds. Many of us view seeing a therapist as a terrible thing, but it’s no different than going to the doctor for a checkup. It’s just there to help you see if everything is well. Titi I don’t know what you were going through, but I hope you knew you were truly loved and you helped women and men across the world love themselves in their natural state. Your love and legacy will live on forever. RIP beloved.

Gift Guide for the Chic Beauty Girl in your life

Gift Guide for the Chic Beauty Girl in your life

Clarisonic face cleanser

Face cleanser
$9.44 –

Curly hair care

Essie nail polish
$17 –

Beautyblender mineral makeup
$25 –

Set of brush

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I haven’t bought a costume since 5th grade, but this year I am totally in the Halloween spirit. I’m going for a bad girl Rythm Nation type of vibe this year. My leather leggings are from H&M+, my top and jacket are from Old Navy, necklace is from ALDO Accessories, my plastic boots are from Burlington and I’m wearing Ruby Woo from MAC. Do you like my Halloween look?


Lane Bryant Isabel Toledo Chicago #LBToldeo

I had the most amazing time last night at the Lane Bryant Isabel Toledo fall collection exclusive. It was the best hosted event ever. Lane Bryant did a wonderful job hosting a beautiful event with the designer Isabel and her husband Ruben. Isabel and Ruben are the most caring and passionate couple ever. They make a fabulous couple and team. Last night they were so in sync and their chemistry is powerful. From the fall collection you can tell Isabel’s Cuban roots was an inspiration. The ruffles and lace details  in her dresses and suits show’s her authentic Latina style.

Last night I tried on the bronze silk tunic with the asymmetrical gold zipper that’s draped across the chest. I tried it on as a dress and everyone loved how it looked on me. The tunic is a great transitional top, that makes a perfect day to night piece. I absolutely loved the Isabel Toledo collection, especially the lace details and the cut of every piece. The precision of her cuts are pure perfection.

I felt so fabulous last night! It was so great to be surrounded by people who truly care and are passionate about how full figure women dress. I had a chance to speak with Isabel & Ruben Toledo, GabiFresh and Linda, the CEO of Lane Bryant. I have been a faithful customer to Lane Bryant for the last 10 years and it has been amazing to see their style evolution. The fashion forward and high quality pieces give me and all my plus size friends life! I can’t wait to see the Lela Rose collection with Lane Bryant next.

Lane Bryant if you ever plan to do a blogger designer collection, call me! I promise you I wouldn’t disappoint you or your customers.










Latino Fashion Week® (LFWTM) is now in its Eight Year will take place from Wednesday, October

1st – October 4th, 2014, at Block Thirty Seven, 108 N. State St., 3rd Floor, Chicago, IL 60602. Teen

World: Expo 15 & Sweet 16, Sunday, October 5th, will take place at the Midwest Conference

Center, 401 W Lake St., Northlake, IL 60164.

As the only Fashion Week and Tour in the United States dedicated to the Latino Fashion Industry

locally, nationally and internationally, we are proud to say, “By Latinos for Everyone”. This year’s

theme is “Beyond Exceptional”, which exemplifies those in the Fashion Industry that continuously

push the boundaries of excellence.WEB-LFW-2014-Thursday-Curves

Latino Fashion Week is excited to announce they will once again be showcasing a number of local

designers from Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, as well as national and international

designers. In addition, there are a number of new and interesting highlights that will take place

during LFW.


LFW will raise awareness for local non for profit organizations throughout the week.

Our national non for profit organization is Unlikely Heroes, providing safe homes and restoration

for child victims of sex slavery.


Opening Day, Wednesday, October 1st

Latino Fashion Week kicks off with some exiting news and for the first time ever, the LFW

Professional Beauty Glam Workshops, which will include an opportunity for Professional Make

Up artists and Hairstylists to be a part of the LFW movement and learn specific techniques that will

be taught by some of the most sought after national and local MUAH STYLISTS: Alex Lopez –

Founder & Owner, Alex Lopez Salon, Benjamin Gonzalez – Founder and Owner- Glam Studio, Jill

Glaser, Founder & Owner – Make Up First, Tyzza – National Beauty Professional & Cosmetologist. WEB-LFW-2014-saturday

Upon Completion: LFW PRO MUAH Certificate

1:00 to 4:30 PM, Appetizers and Refreshments

Opening Night, Wednesday, October 1st

Join the LFW movement with a Purple Carpet Media Reception, followed by the collections of

local designers on the runway, and our annual local celebrity catwalk.

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

Sophisticates Luncheon and runway show for the fashionable woman that is 35+. “It’s not about

age; it’s about your mindset.”

Love Your Curves Runway Show

Highlighting the latest in Fashion for the full-figured and super-curved woman.

, 2014

, 2014

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

“Moda Que Mueve”, an evening full of fashion provided by some of the best known national and

international designers. The emphasis tonight includes menswear fashion. Benefitting the Mayor’s

Office for People with Disabilities, a City of Chicago program that helps low-income Chicagoans

with disabilities by providing home modification services to make their homes more accessible.

Closing Night, Saturday, October 4th, 2014

“Beyond Exceptional”, this illuminating evening will include the finale runway shows, featuring

collections of national and international designers. Benefitting the Girl Scouts, to build girls of

courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.

Closing Day, Sunday, October 5th, 2014

Teen World: Expo 15 & Sweet 16 will promote a healthy lifestyle and improved self-esteem

featuring an AWSUM Panel with teen-savvy motivational speakers. Fashion runway shows will

include some of the best and unique designs for Teens.

Pop-up stores and fashion vendors will provide a unique shopping experience on the 3rd floor

during LFW. Open one hour prior to reception Wednesday through Saturday.

Latino Fashion Week’s Co-Founders Arabel Alva Rosales & Cesar Rolon, Jr. encourage you to

be “Beyond Exceptional”, and join them, supporters and sponsors in a week full of fashion, VIP

receptions, an opportunity to shop, after parties and celebrate the Latino Culture during Hispanic

Heritage Month.

Featured Designers Include:

Claudia Urrutia and Ronald Rodriguez

Iridium Clothing Co., by Platinum-Geli


Vintage Soul Customs by Kristina Kash

Señor Dapper by Jimmy Guzmán

Ivelisse Nieves Jewelry (Puerto Rico)

Musse Diseñadores, Olga Alicea & Héctor (Puerto Rico)

National & International

Argemiro Sierra (Colombia)

Disney Royal Ball

Lazaro Perez (Los Angeles)

Lorena Saravia (México)

Paco Mayorga (Mexico)

Rosita Hurtado (Bolivia)

Willfredo Gerardo (Los Angeles)


For a full schedule and to purchase tickets, please visit:



Double the fun! Bloggers with clothing collections!

There’s such a refreshing and exciting feeling I get when I hear that a plus size blogger is coming out with their own clothing collection. Plus size bloggers know the frustration and the needs of shopping while being fat. Even though the plus size industry has made a significant improvement with fashion quality sometimes there’s a lack of fashion forward pieces. I love that brands and bloggers are taken the time and investment to create something magical for full figure women to wear. GabiFresh did an amazing job with her collection with Swimsuits for All for the last two years. This year more bloggers have made their mark with their own collections and I am loving it!

Here are my favorite pieces from  Elann Zelie of Zelie for She and Tanesha Awasthi of Shop Girl with Curves. Also check out Nicolette Mason’s collection with Modcloth here.

Zelie for She Los Angeles, Pink Carousel


















Shop Girl with Curves












One day I’m going to be able to design a clothing, hair and makeup collection with a brand or even on my own. Here’s to big dreams and the women who’ve already paved the way. Kudos!


Ancient Fabulous: Hair & Weaves


When I first did my big chop I thought about getting braids. Box braids, Havana twist, Marley braids, Genie locs, etc but every time I told a guy friend of mine, he would always say ” I thought you are natural?” He’s conservative and doesn’t understand women’s hair at all. Not one bit! One day I’m eventually going to get me some braids and possibly a weave. I just think it’s funny how so many men I know always say they like women who don’t wear makeup or weave. Yet, they worship Beyonce. Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and  Kerry Washington without even realizing these women wear makeup and weave every time they’re in front of the camera.  I cringe when I hear people say “I don’t need to wear makeup.” Honey everyone could use some lipstick and mascara every now and then. I’m pretty sure you have seen the mean memes about taking girls swimming on the first date, so they can be able to tell how she looks without makeup and weave. I hate that some men have demonized wearing makeup and weave. I was so happy when I read about archaeologists finding an ancient Egyptian woman with extension on


It blew my mind! Over 3,000 years ago Black women were still walking around looking fabulous with their weave, dyed hair and makeup on. How awesome is that? There is nothing new under the sun. There’s nothing wrong with expressing how you feel through your hair and makeup, as long as you not trying to hide from who you really are. All things should be done in moderation. Skulls were found with shoulder length box braids and hair dyed with henna to cover their gray hair. I just wonder where did ancient women get their idea of beauty from? Today we blame our idea of beauty on media, advertisements, celebrities and bloggers, but seeing that ancient women, our ancestors were wearing the same hairstyles and beauty looks lets me know that our beauty regimen is deeper than what we have come to believe. I believe hair is a crown of glory and it also tells the state of your being in life. Nevertheless, I found this discovery of ancient Black women with weave and box braids to be liberating. Even though we wear our hair in box braids our legendary style has never been able to be put in a box throughout history.