Top 7 Women Making History Now!

It’s almost the end of the month and I can not let Women’s History Month past by without acknowledging the women who inspire me and keep me motivated.  It’s so important to have women who look like me be successful in their respective fields. Even though I’m an adult I still need to see my black sisters succeed. Seeing them succeed makes me feel like I can do it too! It’s proof to all that if you strive for it, you can achieve it.


Vanessa K. Bush-DeLuca, Editor-in-Chief of Essence Magazine



Christina Brown, blogger of and Style Influencer



Myleik Teele, founder of Curlbox



Britni Danielle, author and freelance journalist



Mitzi Miller, former Editor-in-Chief of Ebony & Jet magazine



Sarah D. Jakes, Author of Lost & Found



Amber Riley, actress, singer and dancer

Twenty Six- REMIX!

Twenty Six

This is the REMIX!! Due to the 19 inches of snow and ugly blizzard we had in Chicago I had to postpone my party Sunday. I cried like a baby all Sunday morning but this blizzard has given me enough time to prepare for the party. I’ve finished the my party favors and the final edits on my first lookbook. I’m so excited to publish tomorrow! I can’t wait to dance the night away!

I’m ready for you 2015!


Christmas is over and I’ve been planning for 2015. 2014 was a good year for me. I started the year off on good terms. I was interning at a large PR agency in the John Hancock building, shopping on the magnificent mile and living the life. Until my internship was over and several interviews didn’t fall through I was unemployed for the first time in a very long time this summer. It was the first time in seven years that I didn’t have a job. My money was funny and I was discouraged with my job search. Looking back this was an awesome summer.

Huh? Why would I say that? I said it because it’s true, I finally had time to be with my family, friends, my blog and time to relax. The last seven years I have worked, worked, worked and worked. I was always on the go and I never wanted to relax.  I was a total beach bum this summer. I exercised and took long walks on the beach and rode Divy bikes with my brother in Hyde Park. I turned up with my sister any day of the week. It was awesome looking back and reflecting on it. On the last day of summer a very close friend of the family called me late at night recommending me for a job at a university here in Chicago. I sent my application in that night and had an interview set up and boom. I was back working on October 1st. I never imagined that I would be working at a university, but I love my work and being able to create and do all the things I enjoy doing. Since October I’ve made 20 flyers and planned several events. At the beginning of the year my goal was to become the next amazing PR girl but I got something even better and meaningful.

This year I stopped eating meat for 11 months and just recently started eating seafood again. I got my first membership to a gym and I’m looking forward to taking more fitness classes soon. My goal for next year is to stay committed and consistent in my work, my blog, my workouts and health lifestyle. I made my first vision board in June while I was unemployed and it gave me so much hope and life. Every once in a while when I need inspiration or hope, I just look up and remember I have goals and dreams to make happen. I can’t wait to start on my board for 2015.

How was your year? Have you ever created a vision board? Try it!

Rest in Peace Titi Branch – Co-founder of Miss Jessie’s Natural Hair Care


When you hear the name Miss Jessie’s or the Soho Salon, you should immediately think of Titi and Miko Branch. I found out about Titi’s passing early this morning and I was shocked. I send my prayers and love to her sister Miko, her family and everyone who loved her. No one will ever know why she decided to take her own life. Mental illnesses and depression are real and sometimes there’s nothing we can do, but seek counseling and help whether it be spiritual and/or medical attention. Depression and the feeling of saddens heightens during the colder months of the season. There have been many suicides this year in the Black community. I believe the community as a whole has to change the way we view going to counseling and seeking help for our minds. Many of us view seeing a therapist as a terrible thing, but it’s no different than going to the doctor for a checkup. It’s just there to help you see if everything is well. Titi I don’t know what you were going through, but I hope you knew you were truly loved and you helped women and men across the world love themselves in their natural state. Your love and legacy will live on forever. RIP beloved.

Gift Guide for the Chic Beauty Girl in your life

Gift Guide for the Chic Beauty Girl in your life

Clarisonic face cleanser

Face cleanser
$9.44 –

Curly hair care

Essie nail polish
$17 –

Beautyblender mineral makeup
$25 –

Set of brush